If everyone wore Bevel frames, the world would definitely be a better-looking place in more ways than one. 

Committed to maintaining a classic but minimalist aesthetic, Bevel Specs use truly high-quality materials with Japanese production.

Bevel Specs constantly seek innovation so glasses look, fit and perform better.


With more than 40 years of craftsmanship expertise, Italian brand EPOS combines superb quality with the modern flair.

Every model in this collection is a timeless masterpiece able to take the wearer back to those times when all frames were made by hand and the artisan opticians were proud of their work.

It is stylish, classy and affordable eyewear that will sell well in every practice.

LOUIS Belgium

LOUIS Belgium stands for stylish, high-quality Belgian design, which is reflected in our choice of materials. It's funky, it's stylish, it's bright. 

With easy, classic shapes and the plethora of colour combinations you are bound to find the frame you love, whether it is bright orange, or jade green or carmine red!

Louis plastic collection is made from durable, strong and extremely light Mazzuchelli acetate.

Louis metal collection is made from nickel-free stainless steel.